Changing Website

I’m not sure if any teachers are still using the website or not (or if anyone remembers Mr. Winkley, for that matter). So, I may start to transform the site to my Pilates and fitness business. If you do use my site, please let me know, and I’ll consider keeping it an educational resource.┬áSo, to start this website transition, I have removed “Teacher Links“, “Parent Links“, and “Student Links” from the top of the page. You can still access those pages by clicking on the links in this article.

Also, please consider my offer to teach Pilates to your students! I still have my teaching credential, and you can give yourself a planning period while I teach a 45-minute lesson to your students! I charge $1/student. I’m also happy to give the staff Pilates lessons. For staff, I charge $20 for the first person, and $5 for each additional person. So, if you get ten people to take a lesson, it works out to $6/person!